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thanks for the comments so far guys. has anyone zoomed in on the crest on the guy? it's a little homage just for the community here.


maybe change the........yeah right, it kicks ass!


a lot of crests look the same, go check other ones out. there are some similaritys between those two crests but there are way to many diffrences to start screaming rip.

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i saw the canadian crest link. the basic structure for most english and commonwealth crests all usually the same. before this link i have never seen the crest of canada before as i used a combination of various crests from the U.K. and australia(where i'm, from). it is more likely that canada under the british commonwealth adopted similar designs in their crests because of their english heritage. try looking through some english crests and you'll see what i mean. instead of just linking an image which is similar to most english crests. the main reference for the animals was actually from the duke of norfolk's crest. although in most crests an equine, a feline, or bird-like figure will appear. thanks for the comment anyway. i just wanted to make a good looking design for the people of threadless. (ps. zoom in on the shield detail, tell me if you've seen a crest like this before.)


callmeMooCow and someguy, you tools! if this was a rip, why doesn't the drawing style and all the flags, and flowers look all the same? you can tell this is actually drawn not just traced bitmapped. this is definitely a different design, it just has the feel of an old english crest probably because he wants to have an established community feel that threadless has. this shirt is great and i'd buy green. x5

Ava Adore

im not going to write a paragraph of text..this is just great.

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thanks for everyone's comments. especially ava adore.

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thanks to everyone that commented and voted. especially people from deviantart. big thanks.


Nice work but why does it say EST 2000?


I should have known, first it's "Cargo" now this. It's one thing to have it printed and another for it to be the $2,500 winner. What a crock of s***. You suck Threadless. It looks like any other tee you can buy at the conformity stores, i.e. american eagle. Not only do you have to buy the shirt, you're a walking advertisement. Come on people, just look at all the other scored tees, I know there has to be better designs out there then this one. Whats next? Threadless selling their tees to Abercromie. Shame on you Threadless.

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Although not as strongly as RespectToBurn, I do agree with many of the 'disgruntled' users about this design. Without trying to sound too much like a sore-loser (JC was a Streaker is getting printed btw) I believe KIDZ is capable of far greater work than this (see 'PIST', 'This is not a sheep', and 'Keysor Sose' just to name a few)

Again, I do understand the 'concept' behind the design, I just don't think it a strong enough 'concept' or 'image/design' to warrant the grand prize. Although this design scored the highest average for the month of june-july, my money was on akafab's 'elastic-band gun' to win.

Which brings me to my final point, ...everyone should remember that the panel of judges responsible for choosing the winner did not just consist of the people behind threadless. I believe there was a judge representing each sponsor, hence blaming threadless for picking this shirt seems rather unfair.

All that said and done, congratulations KIDZ, although my money was on akafab, at least a fellow aussie took out the grand prize... ozi! ozi! ozi! .....oi! oi! oi!

Ava Adore

glad you won. you deserve it. :)


I think yer missing the point, its a parody shirt of sorts, even though the finished product looks like every crest t-shirt, its paying out all those cliche's. Good stuff


I would buy it if the word 'threadless' were actually stitched with light coloured thread.


i agree with pezdood123

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