bad hair day

Design by tom griffin-sykes

bad hair day by tom griffin-sykes on Threadless
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can't stop laughing at the idea of this! great design and storytelling.

agrimony profile pic Alumni

cool check out mine.

tom griffin-sykes
tom griffin-sykes profile pic Artist

thanks, i wasnt too sure wether to submit it but in the end just went for it. is my first one. am abit nervious. but dont recon it will get through this stage tbh.


Nice! I like it :)

tom griffin-sykes
tom griffin-sykes profile pic Artist

the above comment...
y is that there and when have i spammed ur design!


you spammed at least at this design:


And I'm sure you did on many others. Please don't do that. People don't like that. In fact, people on Threadless hate it. And it doesn't help you because nobody clicks the link to help you. If you want your critique to get more attention just make a blog about it :) but don't spam on other designs.

evan3 profile pic Alumni
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first design
good work!

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