Danse Macabre

Design by ArTrOcItY

Danse Macabre by ArTrOcItY on Threadless
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ArTrOcItY profile pic Artist

This is my fun little version of Danse Macabre and if you can't read these gothic letters, look at skeletons and if you can't see what they're doing, just DANCE!

badbasilisk profile pic Alumni
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i gess it is to sinister ;-) i have a shirt with the same theme and it get a low score ...

ArTrOcItY profile pic Artist

Thank you Peter, your comment is enough for me!;) I know it's going to score low but who cares anymore, I'm doing this for fun!

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I like cailinmb's suggestion. I also liked your diagonal composition a lot more, it is surprising that that one was declined per your blog.


Cool! Reminds me of the Grateful Dead (which is a good thing in my book :) )



olie! profile pic Alumni

cailinmb on Jun 04 '09
I would like it if it were just the skeletons without the lettering.

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