We're Watching You

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We're Watching You by steven218 on Threadless
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steven218 profile pic Artist

The Big Brother state is coming to the US. America is installing cameras at an incredible rate right now and it won't be long before every move you make it watched 24 hours a day.


stunning... would look good as a poster as well


Nice social commentary for sure.

Kim Mak

Love this, I'd buy it in both colors. $5

Please check mine :)

Mr Rocks

Political... very cool. $5

steven218 profile pic Artist

thanks a lot, I appreciate it.

Little Ghost

yes agreed! we r livin in era of CCTV violation


I love this - although I don't think the white one works. Go for the blue or even black... Anything dark to convey the totalitarian mood.


Love the design.
Silver ftw though!


I know a conspiracy theory guy who would love this, though he'd be afraid of being taped while wearing it...

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