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nathanwpyle at gmail.com
nathanwpyle at gmail.com profile pic Artist

Big thanks to iRocko for the tee pic.

And all who critiqued, especially


Tee is shown on silver but could be black, white, or any shade of blue.

Skap 1er

haha, funny

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I think im super retarded, cause I'm not sure if i get what's going on. Is the person trying to call the hospital, but calls death instead with one wrong number? But why is he calling the hospital and circling it on a calender? Or is he prank phone calling? See, i told you. Iz stupid!

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

nice, dude!

evan3 profile pic Alumni

no i agree with FA
i thought it was supposed to be a 911 reference
but i am clear as mud thanks to BlameTheSuburbs
oh and i liked that is started with 555

nathanwpyle at gmail.com
nathanwpyle at gmail.com profile pic Artist

Hey! It's up -

yes, Evan(x2) you guys are not the only ones who questioned its coherence - I decided to push on regardless and hope those who get it outnumber those who don't!

Thanks for the comments!

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

Jerry was confused when his doctor inquired about his favorite scary movie but he decided to schedule his doctor appointment anyway. This came out awesome dude I think most people get it 5$ from me. Good luck with it.

joe quakze

lol...ops... wrong number...

rbthatcher profile pic Alumni

Don't worry...I get it!

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