Poor Teddy

Design by Bluelunar

Poor Teddy by Bluelunar on Threadless
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jrmasm profile pic Alumni

that's not nice at all...(the girl, not the design, that's nice)


yeah macabre but nice!


@girllovesveggies if you followed this design through the critique process you'd notice that it started out as something quite different and a lot more colourful,

Generally the monochrome design was better received and I agree, whether you think it's "emo" themed or not. It's not fair to put an "emo" brand on everything that's macabre.


very nice, I like how the red stands out. Personally I'd like to see a little more expression on the girl, not a big deal but that's just a thought. great work!


Evil!! haha. love it. great job!

clause profile pic Alumni

nice placement, across the t-shirt :) great job!

evan3 profile pic Alumni

i like it!


alot of changes since the original, i like how it's come along ... not sure what else i could say to make it any better. thanks for commenting on mine.

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