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the110 profile pic Artist

It's a little late for the Threadless Loves Green contest but this just came to me so..

Just thought that a tree in a design has never been used like this before. Now you can go around asking strangers for free hugs because we humans need to be hugged too.

Not sure it can be done but the leaves can be randomly placed anywhere on the shirt (front or back), making each shirt unique. The bark texture will cover the back of the shirt too for full effect! =)

Please comment and vote if you like!



FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

hahaha, very funny idea man! I like the tree grain texture with the hint of color. Oh man, it looks like Gollum is trying to climb up Mr. Jef on slide numero three! i'm not so sure how i'd like wearing this texture, but no doubt this is a really cool idea. Bravo for going out of your comfort zone mr aj!

the110 profile pic Artist

oh it's up!

Hey evan just thought it was an interesting idea and have never seen trees done this way before. I really think it would make a cool shirt but I guess it depends on how many people could sport a full front and back texture like this.

And oh didn't notice the gollum like arms haha.

olie! profile pic Alumni

very very very creative belt print idea! Nice!

the110 profile pic Artist

scored by only 39 people in one day?? i'm doomed!

ndikol profile pic Alumni

nice :D :D :D

ArTrOcItY profile pic Alumni

Cool tree design!I don't think you're doomed,far from that, it just that number of voters dropped drastically lately...I don't know why, maybe the recession got even the voters!


well executed idea, ct!!


This is poetic and a very fine message. In my country someone say is you hug a tree, it give you strongness from the earth.

My five!!

Tian Lubis

love slide 3 lol

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