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Design by anivini

Wind by anivini on Threadless
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good concept, too bad a little too neat on the fading spots.
nice work though :)

olie! profile pic Alumni

love this

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I agree vittoria12 that it's reminscent of blow with the wind as well as the multireprinted butterfly spots being blown off as well. It's a theme that's been done a bunch of times (actually, one closer to this in feel is the print with the zebra having its black and white stripes flying off to reveal the colorful ones below it), but the placement and style of this one is what differentiates it enough to be something original from that pack. I'm not the biggest fan of how the spots look like they're being blown off- like there's an invisible fence that once you get past that point the spots come flying off- but i dig the wrap-around and exploding style.


Very good Idea, but needs a screw turn to get it better on the graphics

Skap 1er

cool! i feel like this has been done, but cool!


^something like this design, yeah
I think it was with a zebra or something, I'm not sure

and yes, it's a bit too neat, you should make the spots more scattered or such


i want this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5$$$$$$

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