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It's time to realize who's the blame, so we can act and save the earth.

(The men silhouette would be on Puff ink.)

Wimbs E_soul

i didnt do it
i swear
it was the puffy man
tastes good five pandas


pretty funny that it says who did it by dontcare


I think the man should be a bit more visible. If you didn't mention a guy, I definately wouldn't have known. Love the idea, though. $5


hahaha!! i agree with fallinghorse, the irony is worth the good vote... get rid of the silhouette figure, it doesn't really work for me, the rest is great! dig the colors!

dontcare profile pic Artist



i think the panda in the centre did it, and framed the dude..
loool :P
nice i like it :)

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