fruitfull tree

Design by jimmytan

fruitfull tree by jimmytan on Threadless
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Love it to pieces!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Love the warping and wonderfully textured feel of the linework on my eyeballs. Really nice imagery and fantastic work on the size on the tee.

Wimbs E_soul

wicked cool
you rock
love squirels
can never spel them right though

inbalzubalsky profile pic Alumni

i love it! cool style!


Very nice design, but it's a resubmission of this one? Is that allowed? Not complaining, but just wondering since it would be nice to know if I'm allowed to tweak and resubmit any of my designs at some point! :)

Good luck with this one though, I liked it the first time around and like it this time too! And the sketch is so smoooooth lol

Skap 1er

wow, killer! i like the brown on turquoise

Kojima profile pic Alumni

looks cool

ndikol profile pic Alumni

wow cool :D :D

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