Friendly Fire

Design by cainage116

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Ivantobealone profile pic Alumni

I'm truly sorry to tell you this but a design with the same name and same concept was submitted earlier today


wow, you told him like his Mom just died. no one cares when there are 30 designs on here with anime chicks looking sad.

shit, i like this one better. no aesthetic pretenses. this is Dadaesque its so good

Ivantobealone profile pic Alumni

I was just trying to be...umm..not rude?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Well to be fair, this idea has been done a bunch of times, once in a collab by me a year ago and then more recently as well, if not a bunch of times before. But that's not the problem here, the problem is that this is a drawing amateur at best and not fit for a Threadless t-shirt. The concept is fine and the artist puts a different spin on the idea, but the execution sorely needs some updating. Best of luck.

krokun profile pic Alumni

Would work better if you had a massive fire with his arms raound a group of trees, tents and bears and stuff all looking worried...

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