I Scream

Design by KartuneHustla

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KartuneHustla profile pic Artist

So this design came up because I haven't seen to many t-shirts that were ice cream related so I decided to make one... so I took the awesome route and made it incredibly tasty, yet creepy at the same time. Most of the colors I used were creamy colors to give it a frozen desert look :D. Hope you guys like it

Ivantobealone profile pic Alumni

Cool! literally and figuratively

that is inappropriate

This is really cool. On a different shirt color, though.

ndikol profile pic Alumni

cool :D :D love it :D

KartuneHustla profile pic Artist

yeah, this can go on mostly any color because the ice cream has no fill so the white can be replace with green, cream, purple, whatever. I never tried it, but i like it on white for some reason. I just have a habit of liking white shirts hahah

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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I am so so so so so so so

frightened of this.


briancook profile pic Alumni

Killer KILLER illustration!

KartuneHustla profile pic Artist

thanks guys, glad u like it

boostr29 profile pic Alumni

haha...that's awesome...are those lil teddy bears? :)

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

hahaha this is amazing

KartuneHustla profile pic Artist

thanks for the comments guys, this is the most i ever got for a design lol so im happy either way it goes. And to boostr29, those are indeed gummy bears

that is inappropriate

No no, ice cream should stay white, but the shirt needs to be different.

Good luck next April Fool's.

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