Time Flies

Design by Jahoosawa

Time Flies by Jahoosawa on Threadless
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Jahoosawa profile pic Artist

One of my pieces from last year that i finally took the time to digitalize.

The idea for the piece was to take on object that by its very nature represented the incessant ticking by of time, and put it in a piece that exemplified opposite circumstances (time at a dead stop).

I used a picture from online to model how the pieces were blast about, but drew in my own gears and cogs. White pencil on black paper became one of my favorite mediums because of this piece. I have some others i may post eventually.

Originally the design was to be along the bottom of the shirt, but when i rendered it there the design didn't stand out as it should. I also tried playing it vertically along the right (wearer's left) of the shirt but then the motion of the explosion was in the upward direction (which I'd never intended). Eventually i placed it along the top of the shirt, hanging down from the shoulder and collar.

This design will work great as a simulated process print on a black shirt.

staffell profile pic Alumni

I like this a lot, but the placement is wackity wack


Yeah the placement's not working for me, but the design is great!


hi there

answer your coment.

I'm very confused. In my country nobody have problems with see the Individual clef.

At the end is funny

but tanks for your coment and cool design

krokun profile pic Alumni

As others are saying placement is a nightmare. Kinda need to see the whole watch.

Jahoosawa profile pic Artist

I have to admit that the current placement is not typical of most Threadless designs. I tried others and none of them looked as good on the template. I'm sure if the public likes the design enough Threadless can adjust the placement of the design as they have on many other designs. Suggestions?

Other than the placement I think it would look awesome on the shirt.

Funfact: The original title was "Time in a Space Continuum", which was much better than my first idea "What time issaarrRRRGGGGHHHHH MY ARM!!!"


awesome design


another guy have the same title with a different concept in the critique section..i think i like more his idea.

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