20,000 Leagues Under the Thumb

Design by d3d

20,000 Leagues Under the Thumb by d3d on Threadless
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whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

on sage is awesome. you're a machine.


i like it but would have preferred Tesko's bubble idea.

staffell profile pic Alumni

this is absolutely anal, but the outline of the top blade of the scissors passes behind the pipe and it should be on top! Sorry man!

apart from that much love.


holy crap oyt.;lkjiyhgaqewrtyuiop[ioytrewqtgfkl;'kjhgfdsazXMNB ,./,MNBX CZ


sorry i was wiping off my keyboard...i was just going to compliment staffell for going above and beyond to find the little things that matter...this is a great design and aside from that ouline issue that he pointed out this should be a winner...

d3d profile pic Artist

the line just vanishes into the distance. it's more apparent if the line is darker than the shirt it sits on.

Rockslide profile pic Alumni

hey dad this is really cool. I like how well you handle characters with just the four color limit. I think my favorite is the green version though, as it feels a little more "under the sea" in murky dark water. 40 designs, that is quite a feat.... keep it up.

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

nice work...

jublin profile pic Alumni

awesome d3d. i like where you went with it, nothing to complicated. 10$

i also love how you really explored the creative possiblities of the thumbnail.


wow...I never would have noticed what staffell said...this looks great d3d. yay for the gold color! :] 5


Good job! Would buy.. $5 all the way!

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

nice work man, was good to see you working on this!


But why would he do that? Does he have a death wish?


Pyramid Song.


this is super ... especially on black ... something to be proud of, for sure.

d3d profile pic Artist

when you're under the thumb it means you're downtrodden, pushed around, whipped, etc.
this guy has had enough.

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