The object is simple.

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The object is simple. by jbyron on Threadless
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jbyron profile pic Artist

This angle/perspective thing is killin' me.
But rest assured, I have fixed the problem - however, I can't bring myself to post this again so just use your imagination.
Thanks for all the comments - the original version scored pretty well, so who knows - maybe this attempt was in vain.
Enjoy. - j

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

The simplicity of the previous version appealed more to me. Don't like the perspective thing.. takes away from the "quirkyness" of the design if you know what I mean.


i liked the old version better. think it was better when the swing set was more centered and the marks of to one side. the lines destract from the image a bit. but i still like it enough to buy it. i can only give it a 4 though

Ava Adore

cool idea.
nice tee.

jbyron profile pic Artist

There really isn't a "next revision."
All I did since posting this version is make the lower X a little less skewed so it's in perspective with the lines.
It's a minimal change and not very noticable. Thanks for all the kind words everybody.

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