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0Jim0 profile pic Artist

uv ink on a silver shirt.
hopefully they can match the colours perfectly so it looks seamless.

cartooner profile pic Alumni

im slightly confused... is there some explanation of what it is, ill check back before i vote


Very clever! I want it by the time Watchmen comes out! 5$$

0Jim0 profile pic Artist

it's an ink blot that changes in sun light. They used to use them in psych testing, the patient would tell you what they saw in the blot.


oh man, as a psychologist, this design pleases me.

0Jim0 profile pic Artist

Just to be clear, it wasn't based ok the watchmen; but I guess my timing couldn't be much better.

Thanks for the support!

dacat profile pic Alumni

What a cool shirt $5

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

i see a bull with an Afro



very nice!

0Jim0 profile pic Artist

hahaha, I just noticed my spelling error in my last statement. Makes it look like I don't speak English. It should say that it's wasn't based ON the watchmen.

Thanks again for all the support.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni


love the idea,

and it would be subtle - so people would think they were going crazy

i love that


0Jim0 profile pic Artist

it's interesting you say that. I contemplated a long time about having an actual image in there; but it the end I decided that it was better off not having one and being open for opinion.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

You know what, I've considered a rorschach design before with the same UV effect... nice!

courtney pie

i see brass knuckles... what does this say about me?!

0Jim0 profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the comments!!
why should they be InvincibleAgent? It's supposed to be about what you visualize in the blots. I shouldn't be forcing an image on you, where's the fun it that.

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

It's Medusa! ...I had an overbearing mother. Oh God! Why did you have to make me relive the painful memories!?

Good job, Jim. =)

0Jim0 profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone!!

hey NthNinth, I'm actually hoping that it can be printed on silver (as stated at the top).

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

I see the flying spaghetti monster with orthodontic hardware, and a warthog in a fright wig.


I don't thoroughly agree with invincible agent, but on the other hand, given that the blots are similar, an unobservant onlooker (i.e. most people) is unlikely to have noticed that something changed. You'd keep having to go up to people saying, 'Wanna see something cool? Come into this gloomy room here.' That might come off as creepy. Maybe a colour change or something would be a good thing?

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