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TGWA profile pic Alumni

I like the idea, but I think I'd change the "Ordinary People" part. There's something that feels kind of snotty about it, like you were high on yourself and down on ordinary people. Maybe if it said "Normal Thinking" or something, without calling out people specifically. 4$

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

At first i read this as a play on "in one ear, out the other", and then i thought i saw letters in the ordinary thought track. it could use a little more clarity

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

So genuises think around their brain? Isn't that what stupid people do, bypassing that vital organ for a decent thought? I'm not really a fan of the concept, although i dig the simple but effective brain drawing.


I like scnrunstheline's suggestion. :) "Genius" and "Ordinary" or "Normal thinking" would be better.


great idea!

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