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Negative Space by zipperking on Threadless
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zipperking profile pic Artist

I've had this concept floating in my head for awhile...the Joy of Text just gave me a reason to make it happen. Hope you like it :)

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

move along. 5!

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

Nice idea, I might work on the letter spacing a bit though. It is a little strange, especially between the S and the first E

jess4002 profile pic Alumni



nice one dude. i agree that the font could be a little spicier, but im diggin it!

zipperking profile pic Artist

yeah, i played around with different fonts but I figured since it represented "nothing" I wanted to keep it pretty plain. Besides Century Gothic is in my top 10 :)



zipperking profile pic Artist

^haha! that's awesome! I knew I shouldn't have put any text on my JOY OF TEXT shirt! oh man, that made my day :)

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

Hand face = Facepalm


lol @ handface.

looks great dude!

PeculiarTiffany profile pic Alumni
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I should have known there were going to be "lose the text" comments, even in a text based competition. I absolutely love this, especially on the print! I'd hang it up with pride, yes I would.


There was a comment about kerning "letter spacing" and i'd have to agree, it needs some work in some areas.

bennyd302 profile pic Alumni

looks good, great colors

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i'm trying to see the spacing errors but i really can't. maybe i don't have quite an eye for text that i thought i had, but i also think it might just be a trick of the eye -
there are those white stars between the S and E that maybe make it seem like there are spacing issues.
i like it.


in defense of the 'lose the text' comments -- when you're voting page after page, it's easy to miss when designs are part of a 'threadless loves _' contest. well to me at least; i barely ever notice those. :\

alexmdc profile pic Staff

another great sub $$

alexmdc profile pic Staff

another great sub $$


I'm suprised no one has mentioned yet that this could easily be made in photoshop in a couple of minutes. . .

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I like how the design goes up onto the neck of the tee. It's a cool concept, but a font that better disappeared into the sapce beyond it might have sold this concept more. Still a fun sub.


Pretty! :) I'd like it better with some better lettering though. That font is just too plain!

idilek profile pic Alumni
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Great colors !


Pretty space image, but the type could be more nicely involved in the image, rather than just slapped on top. There's barely any typographical work involved here, aside from you choosing a typeface, which I think is the point of the competition, right?


The work on this site is a good example of how to treat type as more than letterforms.

band-it profile pic Alumni

love it


this is legit 5$

Miss Fortunate

Not sure about the text and it's placement, but the stars, background, and colors are very nice.


I absolutely adore this shirt and hope it gets printed. I'm going to school for astronomy, and think it's super ironic.

$5, for sure


i like it without the text, atleast take it out from the middle of everything, make it small off to the side n subtle, and maybe get a better phrase.

buko profile pic Alumni

Great one! 5$


i like the colors too...but agree i think the text needs to be more interesting

jayrawz profile pic Alumni

DOPE! $5

mezo profile pic Alumni

The background is rad & the words chosen are interesting, but it's the size and layout of the text I hate (Century Gothic is my fav font, too!). It'd be much more impacting if it were lots smaller and fit better within the background instead of typed on top. 3

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