President Evil

Design by adam antium

President Evil by adam antium on Threadless
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adam antium
adam antium profile pic Artist

...when Lincoln meets Lon Chaney.
hope you like.


Going by the name I was sure this was going to be a picture of Bush hahaha.
Good stuff here!

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Are you people kidding me? This is genius! I love the simplicity of it, and it's a killer design if it's dobale so large. Unlimited colour choices too!

$5. Come on. Everyone loves Abe, but this is more Chaney than Lincoln!

adam antium
adam antium profile pic Artist

thanx Blair! so much!

this was supposed to be a pun about the title...i went for lincoln 'cause i found this pic where he was looking like werewolf and had a close pose to chaney's London After Midnight character ..nothing against Abe! :)

aled profile pic Alumni

Long time no sub! Love this - great work

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

I'm with Blair...the simplicity works so well.

adam antium
adam antium profile pic Artist

thx guys!

fatheed: another sub is "waiting approval"..stay tuned ;)

d3d profile pic Alumni

looks great. i hope people can get past the Lincoln association and just enjoy the design.

mezo profile pic Alumni

...but you didn't change anything.


5$ always!

adam antium
adam antium profile pic Artist

Lol@the Mez!
and thanx BSFF! ;D

cheers to Leon too. who is always the first one to see my designs and told me to sub this. if i fail, you know it'll be your fault! :D


that's cool, as soon as I saw it I thought "Lon Chaney!"

Flying Mouse
Flying Mouse profile pic Alumni

Look good on shirt!

adam antium
adam antium profile pic Artist

hey what an eye, sandy!
the arms are taken exactly from the phantom!


Yeah, it's a great design, and d3d was probably talking about all of us, but I don't think people seeing me wearing it would be able to not think I was making a statement about Lincoln.


LOL, poor Lincoln! He had such a severely evil look considering how funny and straight-arrow he was. :D

adam antium
adam antium profile pic Artist

wow! dropped early!
never happened before...
a good answer to the ones who were wondering why so long time no subs.
thanks to the few that scored nicely.

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