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BrandonB11 profile pic Artist

Trying something a little different then I usually do. Hope you like it!

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

a little a lot too much like joe's stuff. :\


Yeah it does remind me of 'joe's stuff' but 'joe's stuff' also reminds me a lot of other things...


I checked the records, joe in fact doesn't own the rights to a style

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

those of you saying how you can't copyright a style sound fucking ridiculous btw.

and yeah, joe's stuff looks like other stuff and whatever. but brandon obviously doesn't usually make stuff like this, admits to be trying something 'new' and pretty obviously was inspired by what speedyjoe has been making lately but that's inspiration taken a little to far in my book (that and the fact that it hasn't been acknowledged makes me feel a bit weird).

i don't mean to rag on you personally brandon because i think you're a cool guy, i just wish you took this inspiration and intergrated it with your usual style instead of trying to imitate someone else's (and maybe this is one first failed step towards something that could be pretty cool).

but i guess that's all i have to say about it because i can tell this is going to turn into one of those 'ginette's being a bitch' comment parties. lates'.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Awesome work, glad to see you are stepping out of your usual frame of mind, it's always good to see an artist/designer pursue different avenues.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

The first thing I thought of when i saw this was "wow, this looks a lot like speedyjoe's work", so I know where Ginette times two is coming from.

BrandonB11 profile pic Artist

hmmmm... where to start...

ok well im actually pretty surprised about the comparison to joe, but i guess if you try to look at it that way you could think im trying to bite his style. i really find his stuff much more intricate and generally better made.

in all honesty though, i just drew this on some graph paper back in june during one of my classes because i wanted to make something out of shapes and it turned out to be a face. then i kinda forgot bout it and going through my school supplies i found it again and thought it look pretty cool on a shirt and so colored it in and stuff. now its hard to prove that but its the truth, so i guess ill leave it at that.

ivejustquitsmoking profile pic Alumni

Robsoul on Nov 07 '08
Awesome work, glad to see you are stepping out of your usual frame of mind, it's always good to see an artist/designer pursue different avenues.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

yeah, i'm sorry about the rant from too late last night when i guess i should have been in bed. i guess i'm just really oversensitive about this stuff because i've been seeing it happen a lot (especially in my thesis class which is ridiculous).

i still feel like this is sort of a weird sidetrack from you though and i guess my general critique is that i hope if you do continue with it, it gets twisted into something i can look at and be like 'wow that's totally brandonb11' and not that other guy.
blablabla i'm an asshole who writes too much.


Like the purple.

BrandonB11 profile pic Artist

no worries ginette, i can see where you are coming from its pretty diffrent from what i usually do for sure but hopefully you believe that im trying to bite on anyones specific style...

anyways glad there are some that like it, thanks!

EZFL profile pic Alumni



looks great!
purple def


It be all up symmetric and stuff.

martin peeves

nice, the purple is game!

dschwen profile pic Alumni

love the version on white, great work!

Skap 1er

kind of odd submission for loves Horror. Would have been better for Threadless loves Do The Right Thing


this is cool beans 5$

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