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ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

this has really bad use of photoshop brushes too. i know they're there to be used or whatever, but those brushes look really bad. especially the grass brush.

anwarrafiee profile pic Alumni

nobody's perfect.(:

anwarrafiee profile pic Alumni

awww pity.....remember, BE NICE! (:


this is one style among other styles and it should get credit for that. As for the brushes use, i dont see anything 'bad' here.. quite cool actually ! keep it up. looking forward to more submissions from you !

yoshi andrian
yoshi andrian profile pic Alumni

biarin aja anjing menggonggong, yg penting keep submitting!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I can't tell if this is really awesome ancient Asian-styled drawing or just sloppy third-grader baby style! Either way, you've intruiged me.

Ivantobealone profile pic Alumni

Theres improvement in t]your latest submissions, keep at it!!

briancook profile pic Alumni

Yes, your Photoshop work is too evident in the design - when you use brushes like that or you can see some of the brush strokes it starts to take away from the design. Some people have been rude about it but in all honesty it isn't print quality. Take the comments in stride and learn for next time.

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