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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Are some of the words happy in another language, because many of them just seem like gobbledegook when viewed up close. If all the words were happy or in the realm of joy, this would be a much more ffective piece. I thin it's one of the best black comedy hanging oneself design i've seen, but not quite there yet.


had a family member hang himself. Makes me think... Your contrast is effective. I believe too many people these days are considering dark alternatives to facing their problems with courage. Sorry for the lecture. It's just that I've met 4 people from different walks of life in the last 6 months who have attempted suicide or had an immediate family member die because of it. 7 months ago I would have thought this was cool. It's certainly creative and thoughtful, though to me in a detached way. Forgive the length and presumption. Everyone has a story. Your creativity is certainly unique. Perhaps there is a positive reason you thought of this. Your creative edge will aways provoke others to think; perhaps about more than you imagined. Keep up the good work.


i have to echo the comment that the design is cool but i highly doubt i'd actually wear it as a shirt.

wallstreet profile pic Alumni

Nice! Sad but delivers the message. ;)

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