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lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Artist

A perfect bait to lure the shark beneath the sea!


hehe... kinda pity the clueless bait.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

love t he color of the shark


Totally agree with ryinghill; the perspective is wonderful, but the water lines being so even and having a cutoff makes it seem less like water. Great colors!!!

alexmdc profile pic Staff
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yeah I think water might need a little work overall, I love the perspective and design tho

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

yup, fix-o the water-o and you've got a decent design there.

lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Artist

thanks everyone! kind of sorry for the water part, should spend more time to refine it ;P


great idea, i think it could be executed a little differently...

lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Artist

love you guys! will try to rework it later time.

NomadSlim profile pic Alumni

This has loads of potential.. that perspective is awesome.

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