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baby, its getting cold outside...

this is originally a watercolour/india ink and reed pen drawing/painting. just a bit of spicing up with the colours (aka correcting shitty camera picture) in photoshop and thats it.

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I love the colors as well. like the placement. good drawring :)~

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Suzi-Q on Sep 18 '08
i reeally like this design, and its placement. however, i wish it were on a more cream/ neutral color shirt just so it looks like it's somewhere... like how leaves are outside and everything


i purposely stayed away from a coloured shirt, particularly natural. why? because i hate that shirt colour, honestly. it seems that every time i like a shirt thats been printed its on natural, and i just cant buy another natural shirt - i have 4, and the colour simply isnt flattering for me (or many other people), it washes me out cause my skin tone is of similar colour. i also picked white for the abstraction, it makes the colours pop, the black is a really rich black and i feel that putting it on a colour shirt would lessen the pop of the design. i love really bright colours and lots of contrast, which is what i was going for in this design. I do believe theres a shirt thats been printed of similar subject matter (just different looking, this is pretty much all traditional methods while the one thats been printed has a very digital-made feel) and i also believe it was printed on natural, if im not mistaken.

i really dont know why everyone has an issue with a white shirt, ive seen tons of fantastic designs on here but theres always a few people who are like 'change the shirt colour! i hate white!' and well, thats just to bad.


I liiiiike it. Will definetly look stunningly awesome on a tee.

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i just really liked her pose in the long sleeve.
short sleeve or long sleeve, it works.

and... threadless hasnt printed long sleeves in some time, and its getting nippy out... so therefore they should print it both ways!

or... they should just print it, cause that would be really awesome and make my day.

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