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empiricist profile pic Artist

This drawing is inspired by the phrase "Creative Juices" which I have heard around the artistic community. I decided to illustrate my take on these juices with a mixed media approach of graphite and computer manipulation.

I wanted to portray an androgynous person in a rough sketch that would demonstrate the process of drawing a human. I decided to show the arm in a full graphite rendering, while contrasting the juices flowing through the heart and the brain in a vibrant gradient style. I chose to use a gradient of colors to capture the imagination and how it flows through your heart, mind and body, to eventually spill out into the real world.

I hope you enjoy, and all comments are much appreciated! :)

This shirt would require a large print using the simulated process method.


Nice work $5


Reallt cool, I'm loving it!


Awesome concept and execution! Perfectly fitting for the competition! I also really like the way it looks on the shirt!

empiricist profile pic Artist

:) Thanks a lot!

dacat profile pic Alumni

Great concept and execution

JW profile pic Alumni

Juicy! great idea 5

Montro profile pic Alumni

very cool

empiricist profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments! Yeah chlobo107, I let my love for the color spectrum go a little crazy this time :)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

LOVE how you fused all the other oclors drawing their energies from the artist's heart. Really nice sentiment for the contest and niceness all around good sir!

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni



I like the colors on the canvas. great design.

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