Global Warming

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Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

Reworked some things and brought this back to life.
News tablets across the region began reporting about possible causes of global warming... sadly some were slow to catch on........ and then it just happened.


briancook profile pic Alumni

AWESOME! I'm giving you a $5.

Also I spent like two minutes describing the design to someone on the phone because I was scoring and I laughed out loud.


Great work $5

wullagaru profile pic Alumni




FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I agree with a person above, i still can't figure out the global warming connection, but the wonderful style of the caveman contraptions plus the background and foreground luster is just superb.

JW profile pic Alumni

quality 5$

dschwen profile pic Alumni

global warming connection -- driving by someone in a hummer, burning more gas than needed -- I think that's the connection.

Got it right away -- cool and simple idea!

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

haha, very nice!


pretty classic

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

You're on a ROLLL

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Man, you have been busy. $5


I get it, and like it!! Great illustration!

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

Really love the design and it looks awesome on the tee. I don't really understand the global warming connection because obviously no gas is being used, but just the image alone is fantastic. I would have just titled this "Evolution of the Wheel" and left it at that. 5$ without the speech bubble.

Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

oh well, the point was that global warming has been an issue in the past, and this pokes fun at our society while relating past and present. Many ice ages have occurred, entire species have been wiped off the planet by massive meteors. 2000 yrs ago Rome had 5 miles of bridges and tunnels deep inside mountains at a constant grade which supplied millions with water. All we have from ancient man are cave paintings and artifacts/tools. Who is to say that Cavemen did not build cities and society transformed into big wheels and huge rocks necklaces... meanwhile production of all this excess was tearing holes in the ozone and warming the planet, which in turn causes an ice age. Which is how we got Brendan Fraser in Encino Man

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