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family portrait

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family portrait by corey9 on Threadless
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corey9 profile pic Artist

beep beep


i get it! ha ha! nice artwork....: ]

corey9 profile pic Artist

I don't get it.
lol - i think this is just about the most clear ive gotten. i really am in trouble here.

thanks to those who do get it! or dont, and just dont care!

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i really want that model with the beaver paneling.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

hahahaha Corey, I most also say i don't get it...I didn't wanna admit, but i gotta be honest with ya! Is it all breakfast vehicles? I got milk, bread truck, and then microwave and grill? PS- I feel stupider already for probably being totally wrong.


damn! I tried really hard, but I can't get it either.
Does it have something to do with a pop-up trailer, maybe?


I would kill every one of you if I could drive around one of Corey's glorious cars.

$5, and you are all expendable!



corey9 profile pic Artist

thanks everyone! here goes....

my idea was one of those family portraits your parents make you take at Sears/similar kinda place. a family of 1960s delivery trucks. Dad is still delivering milk for Leon Epler farms (almost 25 years now) and Mom just started working for Dalo's bakery. Junior chopped his top, jacked his front, he spends most of his time at the dirt track in Numidia - he still hasnt won yet. Everyone is just waiting to see what Rose grows up to be.

thats what i think its about, i could be completely wrong though :)
is that pretty much what you thought it was?



corey9 profile pic Artist

thanks all!

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