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Design by Andreas Mohacsy

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Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Artist

made this design super shirt friendly:)

design specs

- 5 spot colours
- yellow dots printed with GOLD FOIL or METALLIC INK!!!
- pink negative space gradient
- back print is optional but very cool
- beautiful blogger models
- wearing this shirt may cause severe bouts of awesomeness

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni



Laser Bread
Laser Bread profile pic Alumni

nice work as usual

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

yeah this is killer - great use of science and the future 5$


Freakin' A. This rocks. $5

walmazan profile pic Alumni

wow! $5


i really like it and i want to wear it o.O $5

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

Made me think of aboriginal aussie artwork too. oh wait is it rock like art on rocks? i really like it anyway ive not seen much like this before

wonderland time

i think i like the back more than the front


ho damn! i thought this was going to be small, but no. theyre big designs! i like it big!


Beautifully done. Very unique design.

Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Artist

their is a version without the microphone mate, either way is fine by me, i like both:)


cooooollllll :D it remainds me of Aboriginal art :D


i like the design! i would buy it if the print was a bit smaller...




very nice!!!!


holy awesome!!!!!!!!


i like it! awesome design...


nice, def buy $5


dig the back more than the front - awesome!




It needs the dig player on the back. I hope it doesn't offend anything or anyone in or with regard to the Dreamtime but I want it bad $5

Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Artist

cheers all - to clarify a few things...

it is indeed inspired by aboriginal art but at the same time is one of the directions i have gone with my own art. To me it's just as much about my style and bringing traditional techniques into the present. I've grown up in the very same places, on the land as several aboriginal tribes and i feel a deep connection to nature and this land, my own people who are of a different colour but of the same passionate heart and in many ways happened upon similar visual expressions and dreams...

i am still exploring this form of visual expression and am proud to do so, and bring my own world of influences to it:)

Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Artist

in fact i consider us as the same people... proud Australians!


garrett8357 on Aug 09 '08
I live in New Mexico, and this looks like it would sell at a souvenier shop

You live in NM and you think this looks like Southwest native American art? (sigh) What a world, what a world... This reminds me of that guy who did Raven and stuff, which actually looked pretty good, and then tossed Kokopelli in there...


Harfangoria on Aug 11 '08
This reminds me of that guy who did Raven and stuff, which actually looked pretty good, and then tossed Kokopelli in there

....Sorry, that is to say, garrett's comment reminds me... not your awesome design, which I want want want...


jen veux une quinzaine!!! one of the nicest shirt ever!


Def $5..I like the back better..I love the aburigeen influance with roch concert twist...just amazing!!!!


This looks really great on the shirt –$5


garrett I didn't mean to make you all sorry :) The colors here are really consistent with what I've seen in Australian Aboriginal art. There are lots of coincidences like this... Just more proof that we are all one people, come on smile on your... sibling, everybody get together right now ;)

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