The Mask

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The Mask by thommy on Threadless
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thommy profile pic Artist

Culture is such a interest stufff! such a contrast from the East & the West....

Liza G

Nice. I actually like the placement and positioning of the masks. Works better on black- the imagery doesn't fade into the background. I wonder if the whole composition would flow better if you used the Jason mask, or something that resembles the form of the asian masks?

thommy profile pic Artist

i did try grey indeed, but is kind of not match...cause i still need this 2 basic color to do the contrast job...


I think it would be fun with a Mardi Gras style mask that utilizes all the colors of the Asian masks... not as dated... integrates color...

Not on white.

thommy profile pic Artist

TQQQQQ so much quister, your comment are so sharp & precise! resummit i well....& no sorry for such a great & honest comment..

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