Cat in the hat

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Cat in the hat by xiaobaosg on Threadless
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walmazan profile pic Alumni


xiaobaosg profile pic Artist

copyright infringement on the hat? or the cat?

by the way , i got the reference of the cat from my friend's cat. Haha, i knew i got this issue. Thanks anyway.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Cute idea and nice drawing, but it seems to maybe need a bit more from one of the stories or that story itself presented with it? Also, maybe a bit of color on the actual cat, but really fun stuff.


I love this, it's so very cute!! I like the front & back placement. $5!


I'd wear this. $5


running, a designer giving us choices is kinda nice sometimes... Prefer topmost placement...

I think a Cat in the Hat hat on a real-looking cat is legitimate subject matter for a tee. Falls under inspiration/flattery for me, not stealing. And I'd wear it, though preferably not on white.... grey works.

xiaobaosg profile pic Artist

jabberwockymissi- You are right , look kinda of floating. Maybe it was too big . Thanks i didn;t noticed it. haha

FRICKINAWESOME- Yup, this might add in points for that..

runningonsunshine - Like what Harfangoria had said , just trying to give more choices on placement, as i know different people have different taste. :D

I'm not a good tee designer i had to admit it , i'm trying ..thanks :D

Thanks everyone for the votes , yea. I appreciated it.


Love the top placement.


great job!

very funny.


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