Blown Away

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Two Fish
Two Fish profile pic Artist

A tragic moment to be sure. Think about it next time you see a child just blow the head off of a dandelion. Vicious, indeed.

empiricist profile pic Alumni

At first I thought that the patch of cloth smashed the flower, but now I get it. Very cool style and colors!!

Seamus McClernan

While I KNOW that its supposed to be a sheet covering the "dead" dandelion - that doesn't stop me from thinking (and probably most passers-by) that its a popsicle.

I think it'd be cooler without the sheet.

Maybe a little skull at the end of the stem!


Rather than covering the dead, it would of been nice to see a imprint of a show or seamus said the dandelion does kind of look like a popsicle.

Kind of looks unfinished. but I like the idea though!


mmmm, dandelion popsicle.

Two Fish
Two Fish profile pic Artist

Wowza. I guess I needed to make it a tad more clear.

Without the blanket, the idea is too simple (and gross).

The jump to "dandelion popscicle" would seem to take more imagination than a dandelion under a blanket. Oh, well.

Thanks for the comments : ).

Two Fish
Two Fish profile pic Artist

Thanks applegary. I was excited about this one - the avalanche of questions had me on the defensive.

I'll hit a home run - just got to keep trying...

Two Fish
Two Fish profile pic Artist

@bodie chewning: Out of death comes rebirth. It's the circle of ... : )


Love the shirt! Didn't get the sheet until I read some comments, though. :\ Hope it eventually comes through!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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Dangit, I've got a dandelion collab coming out!! GAHHHH! O well, just know we weren't copying off you when you see it! lol.


you know...looking at the comments...maybe because of the "blanket" it was a bit confusing. But maybe if the blanket was a leaf??? Perhaps it would come across a little clearer, cuz once you make the dandelions real people, logic starts working in ppls heads, like, where are dandelions gonna get a blanket... erm, i'm not being mean just writing out my thoughts. I love the design though and the colors are so touching :)

briancook profile pic Alumni

I didn't see it as a shirt either. But I like the design. Maybe if you had the cause of the death on there somehow.

briancook profile pic Alumni

Sorry, as a "sheet" not shirt. That was confusing.

Two Fish
Two Fish profile pic Artist

Finally some love for the mustache. I think I may alter the design some and see what happens.... Thanks for the comments all.


I think the chalk outline would work well, especially if you had chalk outlines of the seedlets scattered across the ground as well.

Two Fish
Two Fish profile pic Artist

Wowza. Thanks for the kind words fooleyfoley.

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