demon inside

Design by LudovicJacqz

demon inside by LudovicJacqz on Threadless
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LudovicJacqz profile pic Artist

eight vector colors, a tee just for girls... :)

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i think you should knock off the 'only for girls' kick. you're alienating a huge chunk of your audience. just because the design is an image of a girl doesn't mean that all guys wouldn't wear it, and anyway i'm repeating myself but i doubt threadless would print a design that could only appeal to women.


I agree with ginetteginette. Just put your design
out there and let those who like it no matter what their
gender is enjoy it instead of trying to influence your
audience ( in a limiting way ).

by the way it's a nice design - not great, but it's very nice to look at


The demon inside
The demon inside
Ever single one of us
The demon inside.


why wouldn't a guy wear a girl on his shirt?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Ha, i was thinking the same thing when i saw the "only for girls" print...oh boy, thanks for ensuring yourself a not-so-nice score. Not a bad design tho.

aled profile pic Alumni

You're a very talented illustrator, but ditto the above. Men need love too!

LudovicJacqz profile pic Artist

only for boys and girls (and cats, and poneys, and more and more...)

Thanks for appreciate this illustration... :)


I like it, and think boys would too. :3


Like the design... but not quite sure if I like the placement of it.

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