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briancook profile pic Artist

This idea came about after I heard that people have nicknamed the new energy saving CFL bulbs, "ice cream bulbs".

The metaphor makes sense to me but I hope it's not too out there. Either way, it's my slightly subtle bid for a more energy friendly lifestyle.

Go green.

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

It doesn't matter whether the phrase is common. I'd never heard it and was able to be amused by the image. That being said, the kids' huge heads kind of freak me out. But otherwise I think it's a great design.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni


Sometimes I wanna kill myself.

Not a bad sentiment here. Overall I like the idea more than the actual design. Keep it up tho man!

littleclyde profile pic Alumni

I really like the concept and the image - never heard of Ice Cream Bulb, but the design works for me anyway. Agree that maybe the kid with the energy saver cone should look a bit happier. Really nice idea though!


I love the illustration but I disagree with the message. Did you know that if you break one of those new bulbs it's like a mini toxic disaster? You're not supposed to clean it up yourself, you're supposed to call the authorities to come clean it up because of the harmful chemicals in the bulb. I do really like the illustration style though, really cool.

briancook profile pic Artist

Thanks, all!
I agree about the kid's face. I meant for him to be looking down at the smashed bulb, but I think it would be better maybe with him slightly smirking.

nintendofan - looked for the contest you mentioned but came up empty handed. Thanks for the vote though :)

voorheis - Good thing the other bulb broke then huh? Fortunately they are much harder to break than the old bulbs. I guess it's a toss up - they have to be disposed of more carefully, but with less bulbs having to be purchased because of their longer life span think of all the manufacturing waste and chemicals/transportation costs you're cutting out. That's not to mention the reduced use in energy from your home. I've switched and have seen a noticeable difference in energy my monthly bill.

Anyway, obviously the toxic waste needs to be addressed, but I feel like it's a step in the right direction.


yeah really cool


It's sort of an obscure metaphor, but the illustration is fantastic.


I think this is great!! I also agree with quister but the best part is the kid on the right pulling along a hummer (gas guzzler) while the other kid is all about skating (no gas involved). I don't know if that was a hidden message but if it was it might work better if he had a bike instead of skateboard. either way 4!

briancook profile pic Artist

Yes that was intentional, Eric. Glad someone got it. I did think about a bike, but wanted something smaller.


stop voting.....we got the winner


I'm tired of "go green" shirts

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