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No Way!!!!!! by Flying_Mouse on Threadless
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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

The perfect combination of your previous sub with a flick-off tiger and modern bold improvements! Great new lion tamer and more dramatic hoop of fire that I think all of us would give the finger to if we were asked to singe our tails on. On the shirt I'd suggest making it a tad smaller or just moving it down a bit, but I've got a five finger salute to you that I'll illustrate in 5$


5$ WOW!


move it down, but otherwise v. cool


^i'm actually diggin the placement maybe just a little smaller. But this new version is sweet! 5


too funny! lovin' this lion!


I love this. 5$ please print. I'll buy more then 1.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

Excellent resub. The look on that lion's face never fails.


This version is much better. $5

dacat profile pic Alumni

Works better this way! $5


Eh, I dont know. That ring looks strange on a model from a distance. Looks like hes wearing a Flavor Flav clock or something. I like the artwork but the placement of all the elements isnt working.


Awesome sub! The only thing I would change would be the placement. The ring of fire looks a little odd at that size that close to the neckline, but aside from that its great!


the ring of fire is a bit overwhelming.

KDLIG profile pic Alumni

Nice one! $5


Pretty awesome. Except for the lion flipping off the trainer. I don't know, seems like you'd get the idea across perfectly with the lion just sitting there with the same expression. That way you dont have the awkwardness of the censor boxes.

walmazan profile pic Alumni


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