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I think I'd almost like it more without the CRIME SUCKS! text and just have a policeman at his happiest moment of the day, enjoying a cup o' joe and his joe-nut. Maybe on yellow would bring this design out even more. Never has the cop cliche looked so huggable.


i especially like how they all look like they have peg legs


This is a great design... it brings warmth to my soul. And it makes me thirsty.


YAY B7!!!! I ADORED your "All You Need is Gloves" design and now you come barrelling out of the stables with this little nugget of deep fried gold! . . . .I think I love you. .


I don't know why, but I immediately thought this would be funnier if they said, "Crime Blows". Call me Ishmael.

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hahahaha 5

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so good, totally reminds me of some type of anti drug campaign for kindergarten or something absurd like that.



It's as if the singing food commercials at the theater
decided to make a public service announcement and
the casting for the segment ended up with characters
with peg legs - A big WOOOOT! for its zaniness! :)


$5 It is way too cute


Hahah excellent, I love the texture and the way its colored in!! Im not really sold on the text... and perhaps another tone tshirt would be better. White is so cheap looking in comparison to other nicer shades! $5 either way

B 7
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Wow thanks for the great comments everyone!
Polyester Jones, the black is done in marker and the colours are done in Coloursoft pencils.
xlupoldx, you're so sweet, i think i love you too!


good work

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I personally think this would be even more hilarious without the speech bubble - cops skipping! with donuts! - but the text is done well, so it's not that big a deal. Love the characters, expressions, colors! You have a cool, distinct style and this looks great on the shirt too.


Hi. I like this design mainly because of the wild eyed characters. I like their pacman eyes. The policeman ( or woman, not sure ) reminds me of the characters from Higglytown heroes. I was subject to watching that program while living with my little nephew ( yeah right ). I even knew the words to the theme tune, ok thats enough...Well done B7- have fun

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hahaha, this is fun $5

B 7
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thanks again everyone. im happy this is goin down so wellxx


wonderful! 5$!

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terrific characters, love their expressions.


I think this is really funny.
I would find money to buy this.


WOOOOO!!!!! 2.53 YAY YOU!!!!

B 7
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thanks guys!!

B 7
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