Time to kill

Design by ernie.g

Time to kill by ernie.g on Threadless
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yeah, i agree with DivineAna. I LOVE star wars. This is an awesome idea, but the snow is a bit odd. It shouldn't have such a harsh edge. Maybe it could resemble the contour lines of the top of the snow.

Yak Herder

funny concept, and I echo the comments about the lower border. "Frooosty the Stormtrooper...came to life and (vainly) tried to murder a bunch of people..."


LOVE! Fix the snow and I'd be all over it!


I got it but maybe make it more obvious it's starwars?

maybe put an imperial walker in the background


AH! just saw that it was a storm trooper snowman....

define the face more to make it obvious


Should of put this in critque man

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