To the sky!

Design by Wonderjosh

To the sky! by Wonderjosh on Threadless
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This reminds me of the movie Blast From the Past with Brendan Fraser, Alicia Silverstone, Christopher Walken and Sissy Spacek when Walken (the dad) holds up baby adam and says, "To the moon!"

Cool design. I like it.


Don't think you need the black emphasis on the top. It's too much for the design. Otherwise, I love it.


i like how it's not quite centered but not all the way to the side, if that makes any sense, though i kind of wonder if it would make it look like the shirt itself was crooked to the casual observer... but either way i like it =)


Very nice! I like the design being in a rectangle. I'd wear the shit out of this shirt.

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Actually way cooler than i thought it was upon first impression in my retinal areas. I really like the off-centerness of this design and the black splatter behind the sky.


I think this is beautiful!


Cool design, but I'd have to agree with some of the others, the black isn't needed.


i really love the idea. magic beans was one of my favorite stories as a kid.


this seems like a major mix of a lot of stuff other people have done...It might just be me, but I definitely see stock vectors I recognize, and if anyone knows of Celsojunior (see deviantart) there are some arrangements like his here. Maybe its just me, but I really am not into designs that mix tons of different styles, especially if its a just for fun T and doesn't have significant meaning. I will say you have an EXCELENT understanding of color. Wicked. I even think the black is ok to a certain extent because of contrast :)


Very different and fresh!

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