Made in the Dark

Design by jimjamjames

Made in the Dark by jimjamjames on Threadless
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I literally made this in the dark.

I listened to the 'made in the dark' album by Hot Chip in the dark and inked this as a response to the album.

I was continuously drawing.

It's a very expressive piece as i had to go more on feeling. You can pick out some elements of the songs like wrestling, shaking of fist, LOVE, breathing - lungs, heaven, clouds, rain amongst loads of other stuff like what instruments were used and use of words.

The original image is about 80cm x 80cm
It took me the length of the album to produce. no light was involved in the process of making this design.

The image is revealed in the dark with the use of the special glow in the dark ink.

The Jolly Brewer

I like it and the process.... I'm not sure that the glow ink will work as you want to on a black shirt.


I used to go camping with a group of friends and a few of us would stay up late and draw comics late at night in the dark and then read them the next day, it was entertaining.

I like this, but I don't know if I would like it glowing in the dark.


glow ink in moderation-- please/ think...ubiquitous


This is a really cool desgin don't ruin it by making it glow. keep up the good work.

The Jolly Brewer

Are you all missing the point? This is for the hot chip contest which is all about glow ink?


kinda like the idea i had
except i would only glow a secret image behind the scribbles and such instead of the entire thing

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