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hahaha! ^_^ it's funny.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Fun design...maybe a tad bigger and i agree there's no green here. also, i dig the slight paint dabs on the rest of the tee...maybe make them more brush stroke-y? Very nice regardless.

walmazan profile pic Alumni

nice! $5

RL76 profile pic Artist

Before everything, sorry for my english.
The green is of the other side (joke :). I´m try training
the technique of halftone screen since I used the 8 allowed colors.
The principal ideia was to make the change of colors between same them. Them I used the three basic colors.
That if mixing, they would give in green, orange, pink, brown, black etc.

Thks all!!

The Romulans

Rubik's Cube - Check
Cheating - Check


First off let me say that this is the best cube design I've seen so far. But, it does not seem to be well thought out. It has a lot of technical mistakes which would make any true Rubik's fan puzzled. Also the mini painters aren't very original but whatever.

You have the Up side (yellow) being painted red, the Left side (blue) being painted yellow, and the Front side (red) being painted blue.

Because the man hanging on the Left side is under a corner piece whose Up side is already yellow, I am assuming he painted said corner piece yellow before moving to the one below it. So that would mean that originally the whole Left side was blue and complete.

If we look at the Front side (red) we can assume that the upper right corner piece was originally red, thus making the whole Front side red and complete. If that piece was originally blue then that would mean that before these yellow painters came along to paint the Left side, the blue painter working on the Front side had just finished painting that whole Left side blue.. it was originally orange. They would be negating his hard work. And since I assuming this "team" of painters is working for the same contracting company, that wouldn't make much fiscal sense.

So now we have the Up side to deal with. The red middle piece must have just been painted red. It couldn't have been red originally because the Front side already contains all the red middle pieces. Furthermore, you wouldn't paint the center square red when the red side (Front) has already been established. This guy must be in cohorts with the blue painter. Or perhaps the yellow painters only speak Spanish.

We can therefore conclude that the cube was already solved to begin with. Either that or they should have flipped the cube on its Left side and just worked at repairing 3 or less pieces on the new Up, Right and/or Back side. They could have saved a lot of paint.

RL76 profile pic Artist

+Duracell-, you are CSI member?
Great (and big) comment, but it´s a just illustration.
I never thought about this.
Sometimes, the things change only in the details.

Thks man! Sincerely.


I was thinking the same as +duracell-. But then again, the title says changes, not cheat, so perhaps they are only redecorating the cube... but then again, they could just flip it over, but beeing so small, perhaps painting is the easiest way to do this... that thing is heavy!

Beautiful illustration! I wish it was worked on the details a tiny bit...


have seen this already, but that's the best execution so far!


i like it all except for the colours of the peoples' shirts. as in of, the workers that are changing the colours on the cube.

RL76 profile pic Artist

The Changes:

T-shirt Paint *Side
Yellow Blue Red
Red Yellow Blue
Blue Red Yellow


i REALLY WANT that shirt, NOW!


People instead of cute monsters: GREAT!!!! Would also love in black tee. Concept 10!

chronically bizarre

really digging this design. :] though I agree with another's comment on how it should be bigger on the tee. great job!


Wow, great design... I'll take 5$!! :D


i have to buy this.


I'd say it was a little low for the ladies, but in a perfect spot for guys - but the splotches all over the shirt just don't work. They distract you from the real art, the cube. I might jump at a black version of this too, though the white's fine. And along with everyone else, seeing something more than primary colors would be nice, though it does add a sort of base to the art.

@The rubix cube addicts - I'm sorry, but just stop. It doesn't matter how the hell it started out. It'd be awesome any way it was painted.



i love it w/o the the splatters. i was going to do a rubiks cube one, i would have never thought of little men! i LOVE IT!


this is so cool! I'd wear this for sure :D so nice!


Hope this makes it!! :D


because it doesn't make any sense for one (read above)
and it lacks aesthetics

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