Inner Demons

Design by eZ-kun

Inner Demons by eZ-kun on Threadless
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gah, goodness gracious dj jean luc, go away!


its a good concept. i like where you're going with it. however, the dragon and the phoenix are both symbols of good things in eastern cultures. i don't quite see how they are 'inner demons'. it looks a little bit like you threw in as many eastern icons as you could fit in the sub. i'm still going to give you a 4 though, cause i'm not going to rate your design poorly because of a confusing name.

zenbolic vision

this s good i like getting new white shirts for change all my closet is full of black and dark colors lol,, need a a change,,



love it


I really like this design. From that colour choices link above, I liked the big print, high up.

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