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This seems like such an obvious solution for a vampire t-shirt design, but I've yet to see it done anywhere yet, so if it hasn't been done, that will indeed be sub worthy... If it has, please post the link to it in this blog! If it hasn't, seems, although simple, like it'd be a sweet t-shirt and should be $5ed... Comments are greatly appreciated!


Not a fan of the fleshy pink, but nice idea!

briancook profile pic Alumni

I have a shirt like this that has an illustration by Edward Gorey on the front and it says "I saw Dracula" and then on the shoulder are the two bite marks. I tried to find a picture of it online, but nothing came up. I got it at a store in New York years back and they said it was only originally printed when Gorey designed the set for Dracula in 1977. I doubt you have anything to worry about, maybe great minds think alike.


thats freaking sweet mate

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