Emotional Baggage

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Emotional Baggage by burgz on Threadless
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burgz profile pic Artist

Thanx for looking

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

he's lame and a furrie?


I think the tail is really well drawn ... I just have no idea why it is there.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

I have to say I'm a little confused but the rendition is flawless.


nice drawing.


yay tiger
i like this
its me so much :D


Great art work!!


Yep, it is art, and the audience always has the choice of supporting it or not. Thing is, this is being packaged as commercial art, and viewer support determines whether or not it is financially successful...

Anyway, not crazy about the tail, hate the color of the shirt you have it on, but I absolutely love the concept and design..I would buy it.


So burgz, are you going to tell us why you added the tail?

herky profile pic Alumni

great illustration, I like the large bottom placement on blue.


Whats with the tail? Good idea though.


I like the tail. To me it says that the subject is perpetually a tiger who can be gotten by the tail, emotionally.

Love the design, and would totally buy it if the placement on the girl shirt were larger. This might require it being placed lower, and I totally understand why you put it where you did (sadly I am big enough in that region that these things matter a lot). But I think it'd be worth it.


I love the tail..... I would own this shirt yesterday! 5$


Threadless get it printed but remove the tail


he'll never find anyone like himself to love him back

burgz profile pic Artist

At the Tail End of this Sub (BIG pun) it was just a depressed dude sitting with a large amount of baggage. I guess that’s okay, but that was all the piece was saying, “You’re lame and you’re carrying all this baggage with you”. I wanted to twist things around a bit. As much as the tail would be viewed as huge physical anomaly and a social impediment in the life of this character, it’s not an issue worth mentioning on the baggage – at least to him. Maybe he’s okay with the fact that he has a tail. Maybe it’s the only thing that makes him…different. Sometimes being different isn’t that bad in this American Eagle World. I dunno. Compared to what some people carry with them all their lives maybe having a tail may be the least of their problems. Maybe the tail was too over the top. Webbed feet might have work. Antlers are fairly popular symbols of social outcasts - at least in music videos. Phuck it I like Tigers and wanted some tiger element in this sub – I jest. I know a lot of peeps are NOT feeling the tail and that’s cool. Thanx for your honesty and comments.

To Divonic: You make a very good point.


i love the never printed one


I believe the movie was Shallow Hal.


Really nice idea, just... the tail? That confuses me alot. Even with your description, at first glance while someone is wearing the t-shirt it wouldn't be understood.

I think for a t-shirt design, the message needs to be displayed at a glance, and not verbally explained.

But very nice idea anyway.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I understand why you did it, but im not a fan of the tail. I think this pun speaks eons by itself with the baggage and the dude with his head in his hands. Without the tail and i'm totally 4$'ing this one.


The tail reminds me of those weird half tiger half human characters in Anime. Eh, eh? Anyone? Idea is still cool though.


Good idea.


Nice concept! No tail.

d3d profile pic Alumni

pretty awesome. i'd leave the tail. i don't see the point of it but i don't think it does any harm.


i'm just gonna stick with the crowd on this one cause i actually agree with them. nice design. no tail.


extreme lol @ never printed!


love the illustration! it rocks!!!! however, what's with the tiger tail? could you please do another shirt with a tiger too? i'd buy this shirt in a second without the tiger tail, but, if you keep that tail in there i'd have to think a lot harder about it.


hey i love everything about it, except i only like the boy version.
scrap the girly one..


A lot of people draw tails on 'people' because theyre part animal, meaning they have an animal form aswell. I do it sometimes, its quite amusing. I actually like this a lot, the tail adds to the picture color wise very well.


wow! this is great. I like the tail even tho I don't really get it...I think thats OK, it's your design and you wanted it there and that's cool..nice job :D

burgz profile pic Artist

Thanx again for all your comments...I really appreciate them...


love it, but loose the tail!


never printed ftw


never printed ftw

burgz profile pic Artist

aw man...so conflicted...cut the tail vs. keep the tail...shoulda ran this through critique huh....? The feedback is crazy...thanx...


-1 on the tail
+4 on the rest

The story above about the tail does not communicate in your design. Hell, its hard to follow in your paragraph.

burgz profile pic Artist
  • La Femme Chiquita's score bummed me out a bit too...somethings fly and some things don't I guess...
burgz profile pic Artist

Sorry, that last statement was for Rubb3rDucky

dacat profile pic Alumni

Wow, nice illo, and I don't mind the tail 5

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