Binary Heart

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Binary Heart by biotwist on Threadless
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biotwist profile pic Artist

Red and white over light blue.

this is loosely based off an old album cover I designed for a band that was never used. the concept was still awsome so I ran with it. Originally I penned the heart then vectorized it. when it comes down to in in life, every thing is either 0 or 1


Great design, but maybe not on a blue shirt? Possibly dark red/black.

biotwist profile pic Artist

is the shirt color locked In once i submit this? for the record after I submitted this i found a printed shirt that resembled this but I still like Mine better but I'm probably biased. I'm also color blind which ads an extra challenge to most of my art. thanks for the comments tho.
I also have A Critique up that no one has responded to yet. if some of you could view it I would much appreciate it


maybe a light green would be better than the light blue, because it would still contrast with the red heart, but look better :D

Bio-bot 9000
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lub dub lub dub lub lub lub dub lub dub dub lub dub dub dub lub dub lub dub dub dub dub

Leona Beth

I think it would be better on navy blue


4C6F7665? aka 1282373221? I bet that's just a random pattern....


Reminds me of the Flight of the Conchords' "Binary Solo" bit.


oh, someone already said that...
well, that's two of us, i guess

biotwist profile pic Artist

anybody have an suggestions as to what 3 colors they would like to see and in what order

jayrawz profile pic Alumni

on that blue shirt i would make the tribal thing behind the heart a darker blue

biotwist profile pic Artist

nah. lower score but thanks for the intrest

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