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The spaces between the mushrooms are the same as the blacklight figures. That way those characters are hidden during the day and come out only at night. It's like having two tees in one. :) enjoy!
Oh yeah, it can be printed in many different tee colors, but I don't like how it looks on the very dark ones. If the color of the tee is the same as used in the mushrooms, that color will be replaced with the tee color, making it one less color to print.

the Flying Monkey project

That is so Frekn cool!!! totaly inovative use of the print medium.
I will buy this for my girlfriend


awsome, ill buy it.....
give you $5

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thank u thank u for all your comments :)
Yes I thought about the UV ink, the colors of the shrooms would appear in daylight, in fact I wanted to use UV ink, BUT when I read all the speciality printing it said that the colors werent so intense and only look good in white or very light tee. I just loved this colors and didn't want to wait and see how'd they look with UV hehehe, but i still have the design for the UV hehehehe :)


I think I'd like it better with the design bigger, and the colors still complementary (clashy) but not as bright. Aside from that it's a wonderful drawing, and a great concept.

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maybe it could look great in complementary but not as bright colors, i'll look into it :)

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