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hey rubb3rducky

better when tucked in - as in it hides the design in your pants? or it looks like you have a million people in your pants??

lol. i thinks its a bit fancy in that aspect, haha.



you've just done my idea, gonna have to give it a 5 and quiety curse to myself.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Wait, my groin area only gets SEVEN thumbs up? Man, I thought this was gonna do good things for my self esteem....sweet idea, and i'd love even more impossibly shaped limbs to come up the shirt with thumbs up!


Awesome design -- great colors. I do worry about tucking it in ... would thumbs-up around the cuffs ruin it, d'you think, or would that make it better?


cool lehhh


personally, i don't like when the design is primarily at the bottom. on me- the shirt is all wrinkled there and it's hard to see what's going on.

kennybanzai profile pic Alumni

Seriously I just thought of a thumbs up design to do yesterday and now stumbled upon this "Thumbs Up" design today... isnt it crazy when that happens!? So I might still do it someday if you don't mind..haha ... nice job on yours... totally thumbs up!

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