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one doesn't have to be LITERALLY in total darkness to experience it. Although we are always in darkness in some form or another (could be in the from of feelings, thoughts and physical) there is always the counterpart of light that exists. People find it difficult to embrace 'darkness' at times but they don't realize that without darkness the notion of light would not exist. For example: You can never experience or understand the meaning of happiness unless you experience sadness. I could go on...but I think it'll get complicated for this forum! thanks for all the comments btw.

defence for: "cut off" at the bottom
originally I had placed the image at the bottom right hand corner with the bottom touching the seam but apparently that's not possible to do (print on the seam); I placed the image slightly above the seam - didn't like the little black gap in between. Third try: I made the image smaller and placed it in the middle. At first I wasn't 'feeling' the position either...but it grew on me. Although the solid white 'cuts off' at the bottom, it acts as the bottom of an imaginary border and 'grounds' the image. I really like it. Some people don't agree with me but take a good look at the image and how the line works with the composition. I had thought about making a curve...but I like the boldness of the straight line. Tell me what you think! criticisms are welcome!

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