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eladear profile pic Artist

Sometimes you just think about escaping, sailing out. Often that "sailing" is in our thoughts...mind, our own world.

6 color design on light blue t-shirt, or/and orange, pink...

I hope you like it.

walmazan profile pic Alumni
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nice idea, orange is my favorite $5


I kinda like the color splotches. It gives it a kind of disorganized, child-like feel.

eladear profile pic Artist

Jay...that is the expression I wanted to create... Thanks for seeing it. :)


listvybe on Feb 28 '08
This tee shirt perfectly fits for lonely guys.
My price for this tee is 8$

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fack off

eladear profile pic Artist

If you paint, there is usually color bits...and this is a style factor in this design. I can easily take it out if that is what everyone prefers for the t-shirt.


It's too bad there was never a Truman Show loves Threadless contest.

eladear profile pic Artist

Yeah, the Truman Show is a great idea.

eladear profile pic Artist

I assume that you are saying 3 year olds... not sure. But this design also works for kids, and adults who like being kids. Nothing wrong with that :) There are various interpretations.

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