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dschwen profile pic Artist

Simple idea and play on words. I really think this design has some potential...lots of fine details that would really make this pop!



It should look a bit more like a Seahorse not just a horse with seahorse's Tail..I am a HUGE fan of this so play with it!


Love the details! I always enjoy a good play on words illustrated.

dschwen profile pic Artist

thanks all, keep up the comments.
I'm pretty excited about this one.

Laser Bread
Laser Bread profile pic Alumni

Looks this shirt, I hope it gets printed. Love the colors too. $$5


go Bramish, go!!!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Is that Chuck Norris? That makes this doubly cool! Really nice take on this pun. I've seen a few on this site recently but this one is by far the boldest and best!

dschwen profile pic Artist

Chuck Norris represents!
Thanks for the feedback all.

dschwen profile pic Artist

mike force & eladv007: yeah pretty crazy, I just saw those designs for the first time. It's just an idea I've had for a while that I wanted to execute. I guess when it's not the most original idea, there will be a lot of different repeats. For instance if you google, 'riding sea horse' countless images of this comes up.

So sorry, if I would have seen those submissions first, I wouldn't have submitted this one.

dschwen profile pic Artist

thanks splatula...appreciate it.

The Paper Crane
The Paper Crane profile pic Alumni
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I wanna be a little Seahorse (my favorite Devendra Banhart tune)
Like it!

dschwen profile pic Artist

thanks everyone...last day to score!

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