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kooky love
kooky love profile pic Alumni

GREAT $5 profile pic Artist

Paz = Peace
Amor = Love
Alegria = Joy
Vida = Life


Yes now this is tight $5


aw this is amazing..i wouldnt definitely get this


só deu mole de ter colocado as palavras em português.
mas é lógico que vai ganhar meu 5$!!!

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

i think this is my new favorite of yours

wotto profile pic Alumni
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Awesome. Great expression on the girls face.


wow i love this! i like it even more because the words are in spanish

mathiole profile pic Alumni

its portuguese, not spanish :p


muito bom cara! teus designs são show!

rwr2 profile pic Alumni



finesse. prefiro as palavras em português mesmo do que em inglês. mandou bem, a Carol também tá de parabéns.

xiaobaosg profile pic Alumni

Wow~ nice~


too bad most of us speak english only,

B. Armstrong

I do believe that Pandora's box was filled with evil, destructive snake like monsters that could not be contained once released from their magical prison.
Were you going for an oxymoron when you gave this title?


i thought pandora's box contained all the evils in the world and was opened and released to bring the world to destruction through the curiosity of pandora
like the design though :D

Don Vito

Great job!! I think the words are not necesary, just my opinion. profile pic Artist

Vamos às explicações: Originalmente o mito da caixa de pandora, vários males foram liberados para equilibrar as coisas numa era onde os homens estavam a devastar a terra, nesta releitura, temos o mundo atual onde os homens mais uma vez estão devastando a terra, mas desta vez o que precisamos pra equilibrar o mundo é mais Amor, Alegria, Paz e etc. profile pic Artist

Google translate [mode on]
Time to explanations: Originally the myth of pandora's box, several males were released to balance things in an age where men were to destroy the earth, rereading this, we have the current world where men once again are destroying the earth, but this time it takes to beat the world balance is Love, Joy, Peace...

Luke... profile pic Alumni

superb illustration as always man

classicoke profile pic Alumni

hellraiser rated G


Shift+4, 5! Creamy.


i knew it was a brazilian's work before reading the words in portuguese on it... i'm not saying that's a bad work, but let's try doing something a little more original, pleaaaaaaase!!
i'm tired of "camiseteria" designs.... "nobody deserves it!" profile pic Artist

I said, the world needs more love...¬¬

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

Very nice scene 5$


Hope to see this printed

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