Battle Ready

Design by kfhammond

Battle Ready by kfhammond on Threadless
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ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

that band looks like those plastic hair bands they had out and about several years ago, i effing hated those things. they always dug right into your skull.

B. Armstrong

This my friend, is cool.


personally, i think this was a great idea


Emo? Emo.



FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

i've kinda seen this idea before at Hot Topic and a variety of other stores, but maybe by adding some more detail to the bullets, and giving the grenades or every other bullet some gold foil might do the trick.


kfhammond on Jan 10 '08
I designed this shirt for a specific audience that I think is neglected on threadless, so I can understand if it doesn't appeal to the majority of you.

This gets a 5 from me, just for that justification. I agree with what you're saying 100%. A lot of the shirts printed at Threadless are the same as one another. Thanks for trying something different.


bullets look like candles

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